About Us

We Are Started Our Business In 2009’.., With Small Scale & Limited Products.., Now We Have A Widest Range Of Products In Industrial Electronics Components In Active & Passive Series..,

Since 2012 We Are Direct Importer Of Industrial Electronics Components  Of Active & Passive (Dip & SMD) Parts.., 

We Are Also Authorised Reseller, Dealers & Distributers Of Such As HEL, HYDZ, Hilink, Shieng, Crec, CQ, Surging, LK, JW, DL & Ningbo Brands..

We Are Stockiest Of Widest Range Of Below Products..,

•Thermistor (NTC & PTC) (Dip & SMD) 

•Varistor To Called As Mov (7D, 10D, 14D, 20D, 25D & SPD- 32D, 43S, 40S, 40D, 53D & Terminal SPD Varistor)

•Pizzo Buzzer (3v, 5v, 9v, 12v & 24v) (Active & Passive)

•Pizzo Elements (27mm & 35mm) (2c & 3c)

•Capacitors (5mm, X2, CL 22, Electrolyte, Ceramic Metalized, Tantalum & Super Capacitor)

•Fuse (PPTC, Micro, Axial Glass, Ceramic & Blade (Car)

•Thermostat (KSD9700, KSD301, SL, SP, Aupo)

•Gas Discharge Tube (SMD, 2pole & 3pole )

•Crystal & Resonator (SMD, 2pin & 3pin)

•Diode (P6KE, 1.5KE, MUR, MBR, SA, 1N53, 1N60p)


•Inductor (Axial, Ferrite & Drum Coil )

•SMD Power Inductor (CD43/54/75/105) (CD127/104R)

•SMD Ferrite Chip Inductor (0603/0805/1206/1210)

•Electric Condensers Mic (Leaded & Without Leaded)

•Sensor (IR, Gas, Ultrasonic, Vibration, TSOP & PIR)

•LED ( SMD Led, 3mm, 5mm, 8mm & 10mm - RGB LED)

•SMD (NTC, MOV, GDT, PPTC FUSE, IC, Resistor, Buzzer, Crystal, Resonator, Transistors, MOSFETs & DIODE ) 

•Power Module (AC-DC & DC-DC)

•GSM - GPRS & WiFi Module 

•Power Bank, Smart Watch & Solar Cap..

•Recycled Pencil, Pen & Seeds Ball 

•Covid Key, Cotton Mask