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RY 15A 250V 60°C Metal Thermal Fuse

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  • Features & details
  • Model: TF 60℃
  • Rated Voltage : 250V
  • Rated Current : 15A
  • Cutoff Temperature : 60℃
  • Fuse Size : 

TF 60℃ Celsius Thermal Fuse 250V 15A Metal RY thermal fuse (thermal cut off, temperature fuse) which uses heat-sensitive grain materials (organic chemical) as heat-sensitive material. The function is to cut off the circuit of appliances when the temperature exceeds the specified TF value because of an unexpected fault. This is a single-use device that cannot be reset and must be replaced when it fails or is triggered. Widely used in electric current provider, power switch, computer, telephone, home appliance, communication products, all kinds of instrument and electronic and electric components, motor and all kinds of a small home appliance such as electric iron, thermoelectric blower, microwave oven, refrigerator, etc. as heat protection, etc.

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Functional features: The thermal fuse is a component that provides very reliable protection under over-temperature conditions. It has small size, large over-current, non-reset, stable performance, easy installation, and has a certain range of humidity settings and bearing capacity. Options are available to meet customer application needs. Field of application: A thermal link is a component that provides very reliable protection against overtemperature conditions. It is widely used in household appliances, industrial equipment and health care products, and plays a role of post-heat protection. In the event of thermostat failure and other overheating, the thermal fuse cuts off the circuit to protect the circuit from harmful overheating damage. Notes on installation: 1. When the lead wire is used for bending, it should be bent from the part that is more than 6 mm away from the root; when bending, the root and lead should not be damaged, and the lead should not be forcibly pulled, pressed or twisted. 2. When the thermal fuse is fixed by screws, riveting or terminals, it should be able to prevent mechanical creep and the occurrence of poor contact. 3. The connecting parts should be able to work reliably within the working range of electrical products without displacement due to vibration and impact. 4. During the lead welding operation, the heating humidity should be limited to a minimum. Be careful not to add high temperature to the thermal fuse-link; do not forcibly pull, press, or twist the thermal fuse-link and lead; After welding, it should be cooled immediately for more than 30 seconds. 5. The thermal link can only be used under the conditions of the specified rated voltage, current and specified temperature, paying particular attention to the maximum continuous temperature that the thermal link can withstand. Remarks: Nominal current, lead length and temperature can be designed according to customer requirements.
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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