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KSD9700 5A 250V 110C Temperature Control Switch Normally Closed Ceramic Thermal Protector

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Rated Current (AC):
Contact Resistance:
Insulation Resistance:
Response Speed:
Rated Voltage:
250V AC
Reset Temperature:
10C - 175C [Error<15C]
Electric Intensity:
Min Operating Temperature:
Max Operating Temperature:
Operating Life:
10000 times
Dimension (LWH) :
{2084} mm

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KSD-9700 series thermal protector consists of dish shape high sensitive ceramic element,movable contact-head,static contact-piece,sole plate,outer case, thermal resistant lead and so on.When operation,the ceramic element is in free state and movable contact-head and static contact-piece are closed and the circuit is on. When the electric appliance is in operation and produces heat, caused by some troubles and due to which temperature is raised to the rated action temperature of the product, the ceramic element produces inner stress and acts quickly and pushes the movable contact-head and make the contact point off and the power supply is turned off and the electric appliance stops. In this way the thermal protection is made.When the temperature of electric appliance to be protected is dropped to the rated reset temperature.The bimetallic element restores to its primary state and contact point is closed .The electric appliance restores its work.These product has many advantages such as small in resistor, quick in temperature feeling, fast in action, Safe, reliable,compact and so on.It is RoHS complaint
Rated Voltage: 250V Current: 5A Temperature : 20C Cable Length: 73 mm Head Dimension: 20 x 8 x 4 (LxWxH) mm Mechanical Making And Breaking Of Electrical Circuits.Easy To Use, Small And Handy Module.Acts As Temperature Operated Circuit BreakSeries : KSD9700 Material: Ceramic Normally Close.


The product has many advantages such as
?Small in size
?Easy to use
?RoHS complaint
? 70mm cable
?20 x 8 x 4mm(LxWxH)
?Quick in temperature feeling
?Fast in action
?Compact and so on
?Normally Close


Be applicable to all kinds of home appliances and electronics products. Such as

?Electric Motors
?Fluorescent Ballasts
?Battery Chargers
?Heating pads
?Air conditioner motor


Sample is connected to the fixture of the equipment,and placed into the test equipment (Hot current of air in the space of test should be equipped with a stirrer and temperature is controllable).A detect current about 10mA(no more then 100mA)is passed through the sample and a thermometer is placed junction to the sample to monitor the opening temperature .The temperature of the test equipment is raised at the rate of 0.5?1? per minute until the sample functioned.


1. Please keep the cap firm with the installation surface of the controlled appliance when install. Please wipe conduction silicon grease to the sensing surface in order to insure effect of the temperature sensing.
2. Never collapse or deform the plastic or metal shell during installation in order to avoid any influence to its performance.
3. In order to avoid the creepage and insure security while using, do not throw away or crush the insulating sleeve when install the thermostat with metal shell.
4. For products used in circuit at no more than 5A current, please choose the lead with cross-section surface of copper core falls within0.4-0.75mm for connection.
5. Keep the product in clean dry warehouse at good ventilation and free of corrosive gas and with relative humidity less than 90% and ambient temperature under 40.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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